Cellular Shades are made from two or more layers of fabric

woven together to create three-dimensional "honeycomb" cells.

When closed, the shades provide privacy and turn harsh sun into

soft, diffused light. When open, the shade fabric draws into a neat,

thin 'stack' to maximize your view.


The unique cellular design forms pockets of air that insulate

windows to make your home more comfortable. This also allows

for enhanced sound absorption while letting in natural light.


You select your cellular shades according to how much light or

privacy you desire. Semi-sheer shades allow the most light to

filter through, semi-opaque shades reduce the light somewhat

and opaque shades reduce it a lot.


Cellular shades are also ideal for unique applications such as

sliding glass doors, skylights, arches and many other specialty



Cellular shades can be motorized for added convenience and

ease-of-use, and can be integrated into your existing home

automation system.


Utah Shades, Inc. offers you a wide variety of inspiring fabrics

and exciting colors along with different levels of opacity and three

cell sizes to meet your exact needs.


Contemporary, Affordable


Add Dramatic Color and a Soft Finish to Any Room.


     - Increase Thermal Comfort and Sound Absorption


     - Diffuse Light and Increase Privacy


     - Perfect for Uniquely Shaped Applications

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